Hey, don't you love hearing about someone's new blog? It's right up there with vacation photos. Anyway, we have a new blog.

The old blog was hosted on a Google property they bought long ago and presumably use to harvest our delicious analytics. But otherwise is kind of meh.

So naturally we had to redo it all. Why? Because. That's why. Are you new to technology?

mousebird site

We've merged the main mousebird site with the blog. The old site was about 3 pages you'll only look at if you're going to hire us. The new one is... about 3 pages you'll only look at if you're going to hire us... plus the blog! People do use the blog, so that's cool.

We've moved away from a Jekyll based thing that used to work with github and then kinda didn't and had to be run on its own. Now we've done a JAMStack kind of thing hosted on github, using 11ty and Tailwind CSS published via netlify. If you didn't read the date above, the previous sentence will identify the time period more precicsely than a 64 bit TimeInterval-since-1970.

WhirlyGlobe Site

Moving the blog was great, for various reasons, but not worth the trouble on its own. This is a dry run for moving the WhirlyGlobe site. At some point in the future (I'm not foolish enought to say 'near future') we'll get that moved over to the same kind of infrastructure. That should allow more easy updates and such.

People do use the blog, but they really, really use the WhirlyGlobe tutorials. Well, some of the tutorials. Not sure which ones. Maybe we do need those analytics.

Anyway, keep on reading the blog. Over here now. But otherwise pretty similar.