We've been busy starting a new company!

Weather has been a very reliable market for us at mousebird consulting. Our most prominent customers like Dark Sky and Carrot Weather are household names. But we also love those apps that didn't get big and even the ones that haven't launched yet. Not to mention all the aviation and GIS apps. It's been a blast working with all of you.

The new company focuses on weather data. It's still early days, so that's all I'll say.

What About WhirlyGlobe-Maply

We're not abandoning the open source toolkit. In fact, we're using it at the new company. We'll take over maintenance for iOS and Android and we may even get proactive about OS pre-releases.

Any changes we make to the core toolkit will be open source, but the new stuff on top will not be. This is actually what we've been doing with our weather clients for years.

Is This Goodbye?

A few clients are moving over with us. A few have paid to get a chunk of engineering time when they need it. If you have an existing support contract you'll be able to renew it indefinitely.

If you have a technical question, reach out to the contact email. But otherwise, yeah, it is goodbye. We're not doing 1-2 week projects or signing new support contracts.

That said, if you have the means to pay half a developer's salary for a year, we could work something out.

Farewell to Open Source

It's been an interesting journey; we really did make a go of it. We had two employees and one contractor there at the end. We made payroll each and every time and I think most clients were happy.

We saw the toolkit through several major platform shifts, including the introduction of Metal for iOS and we survived them all, even got better.

It's been a blast open source! See ya around.